Ellie's brace has been awesome. We take her to the doggie park at least every other day and she runs for 15 or 20 minutes and keeps up with almost every other dog⁠—it's pretty amazing. And there's hardly a trip to the park that doesn't result in someone asking about the brace. I'm super grateful that you've made it possible for our pup to do everything she can and wants to do, and do it safely. — R.R.

I can't believe how much a brace from PawOpedic has helped my dog Jasper. He can walk so much longer and has even been able to trot and play with his ball longer as well. He seems so much happier and he doesn't hurt as he used to unless he goes out without it. It doesn't take long and he's back on the porch not wanting to do anything. — B.A.

Jeremy made an orthotic for our mastiff puppy after she had leg surgery and he was great. He helped us through the recovery process and ensured her orthotic fit perfectly and was comfortable. He also mailed us replacement pieces when our puppy chewed off a strap! 😬 He was available at any time to answer questions and texts. We really appreciate all of his hard work and dedication. — J.B.

When our veterinarian determined our very active lab had torn her Achilles tendon and would require surgery, he recommended we look into PawOpedic for an orhtosis to help with her recovery. I contacted them that afternoon and Jeremy responded quickly. He came to our house, took measurements, made a mold of her leg and then met us at our pre-op appointment with the surgeon to fit her orthosis she’d have to wear for the next several months. His quick turn around on the device helped to give us a solid couple weeks before her surgery to make sure she was comfortable moving around in her new boot. As a result, she was able to wear it within a few days following her surgery, making it easier on all of us. Jeremy is wonderful to work with and his follow up is excellent. Although I hope we don’t personally need to use his services in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back, and will highly recommend his business to anyone in need of this amazing service. — C.B.

Our dog tore his Achilles tendon which required surgery and a brace to repair. PawOpedic crafted a custom-molded orthosis for him that completely exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, fit, functionality and durability. — J.L. & B.L.

My dog Tiffany got a hindlimb prosthesis from PawOpedic. The experience and outcome exceeded my expectations. She took to the prosthetic almost instantly and had shown zero signs of discomfort. Overall extremely happy and so thankful for the amazing job Jeremy did. — G.D.

Amazing that this service is available for our 3-legged (now 4-legged) friends! The quality of this prosthesis is A++! Jeremy was timely to all visits and available for adjustments and teaching us humans. — E.S.

Jeremy created a brace for our 125# Newfoundland (no easy fete) that works great and doesn't bother her a bit. Her leg is now stable enough is now able to take her walks again. She is a happy dog! Thank you so much! — M.H.

Jeremy was very generous with his time and effort in fitting Brownie with braces. He is very compassionate and has been helpful in answering questions throughout the process. We are very grateful. — N.S.

Our active Toller, Penny, had a great experience with PawOpedic. Her custom brace was durable and well-made and Jeremy was incredibly supportive, checking in to make sure that Penny was recovering well and that the brace was perfectly fit. We are deeply appreciative for all Jeremy did for us. — A.A.

We are so thankful that getting a brace for our Daisy from PawOpedic which was recommended by our orthopedic vet!! The brace was created just for Daisy to help her particular issue and to fit her perfectly. Jeremy spent a good amount of time with us to evaluate Daisy’s walk before starting the process as he would only proceed if he felt he could help. Once we moved forward, the process for casting a mold and then getting the brace made were seamless. Jeremy came back to our home and ensured the end product was perfect and made a couple of minor adjustments before her first try with the new brace. Daisy, our large (105 lb) golden retriever mix adapted beautifully to the new support and immediately we knew she was happier being able to walk without pain. Jeremy followed up with us on a regular basis to ensure we were progressing as expected and fixed up a minor issue we were having along the way. We have had a great experience in working in the partnership with Jeremy and our Daisy is up walking in the park and again without pain and with her smile that we love to see!!! Without this help, we most likely would have not had much longer with our girl, but now we may have a few more years 😊. — C.S & C.G.