Information for Veterinarians

At PawOpedic our goal is to help support your practice by providing alternative care measures when surgical or other treatment modalities are not an option. Our services include:

  • Artificial limb evaluation and fabrication for pets with acquired or congenital amputations distal to the elbow or stifle
  • Evaluation and fabrication of braces for pets that are non-surgical candidates, for post-surgical support, or for those looking for conservative treatment options

For practices within the Seattle Area:

  • We will come to your facility and work directly with you
  • Provide pre-operative amputation consultations
  • Will handle all aspects of the fitting and adjustments
  • Will invoice the pet owner directly or to your facility if requested

For practices outside of the Seattle Area:

  • We will provide support throughout the entire process via FaceTime, Skype, phone, or email

Prosthetic Consultations

We are always happy to provide preoperative consultations on amputations. Prosthetic candidates have either congenital or acquired amputations distal to the elbow or stifle. The shorter the limb segment directly distal to either the elbow or stifle, the more challenging the fit will be. In ideal circumstances, 1/2 or more of the remaining limb segment is preserved for both transtibial transfemoral amputations.

If possible preservation of the wrist or ankle joints provides a more functional limb due to the additional articulation which aids in mobility and may aid in suspension of the prosthesis as well. Consideration must be given to the tradeoffs between preservation of length versus the ability to provide a well-padded distal residual limb. In these cases, a preoperative prosthtic consultation may be warranted.

Orthotic Consultations

For patients that you are uncertain if bracing may be an option, we would be more than happy to speak with you and see what we can come up with together.