House calls within the Greater Seattle Area are free of charge for both the initial and fitting visits with the purchase of a device.

Custom Stifle/Knee Brace    (< 100 lbs) $799.00, (> 100 lbs) $899.00

Custom Hock/Ankle Brace   From $799.00

Dog Stifle Tarsus Paw Brace

Custom Stifle Tarsus Paw Brace   From $1,199.00

Custom Hind Paw Brace   $399.00

Dog Elbow Brace

Custom Elbow Brace   $799.00

Dog Wrist Brace

Custom Carpus/Wrist Brace   From $799.00

Dog Front Paw Brace

Custom Front Paw Brace   $399.00

Dog Neck Brace

Custom Neck Brace   $399.00

Dog Hip Brace

Custom Hip Brace   $1,399.00